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A 1990 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study revealed that an estimated 568,000 teens-- about 1 in 20 of the country's high schoolers, had carried a gun to school in the month prior to the survey! Every day we hear of children being killed or wounded by other children. More than 28,500 American children and teenagers have been shot to death since 1985. But even this staggering number does not begin to estimate the number of kids left brain damaged, severely wounded or wheel chair bound for life. The easy availability of guns coupled with the impulsiveness of youth, peer pressure and an inability to successfully resolve conflicts, often creates a mix that explodes in violence. Since 1986, our nation has seen a 1,740% increase in the number of children and teens treated for knife and gunshot wounds. This is a health and social crisis of the highest magnitude affecting not just individuals and families, but entire schools, communities and populations. The result of gunshot injury attacks all of our health, education and social resources.

When most kids think about using a gun, they think about escape or death. They give no thought to the greater possibility- living with the after effects of permanent damage - pain both physical and emotional, the loss of an arm or an eye, living as a paraplegic, losing their independence and friends as they struggle through rehabilitation. The goal of this project is to produce a video that will educate American youth to the danger and damage caused by gunshot- and to deter young people from reaching for a gun as the solution for protection or conflict.

While keeping the middle school age group in mind (10-14), NEMA is producing an upbeat, MTV style video offered in two segments; with an accompanying teachers curriculum guide and appropriate supporting follow-up activities. This format will readily adapt to any classroom teaching schedule and allow the teacher to address the issue several times for increased retention. Bold camera technique, posterizations, computer graphics and popular music will enhance the viewability and appeal to this video sophisticated audience. The package will cover scenarios where the kids are most likely to feel they need a gun, show the probable results of choosing gun violence as an alternative, and deal with the very real and often crippling effects- pain, disfigurement, permanent disability.

There are a handful of videos which address some of the consequences of handgun violence. Our video package tells middle school students the entire story; that anytime a kid decides to carry a gun, their probability of getting shot goes up, because chances are the other kid has a gun, or knows where to get one. Students will be able to assess the consequences of choosing friends who carry guns. Our video shows what really happens to a young person when they are shot-- from the shooting to the roar in the emergency room through the painful rehabilitation process to the resolution that life will never be the same as it was before, not for them or anyone close to them. Our goal is to deter young people from reaching for that gun in the first place to solve a conflict.

The video and accompanying materials is available to every middle school in the country. Production is complete. We seek only the cost to distribute this video package to our schools. Our children need you to get involved. If you expect someone else to do it - it's not going to get done.


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