In A Flash Activity Book

The In A Flash Activity Book is a popular publication for elementary school-aged children, that teaches them in an entertaining manner, what to do if they find a gun or are approached by someone with a gun. It consists of various interactive exercises and puzzles.

The book does not teach them that guns are inherently bad. The emphasis is on teaching kids how dangerous guns can be when used inappropriately, such as to resolve conflicts.

Children learn that…

  • Guns are not toys
  • What they see on TV and in the movies is not real
  • If they find a gun, do not touch it. They should tell a trusted adult.
  • If they are approached by someone with a gun, they should give them what they want (i.e., jacket, bike, shoes)
  • If they are shot, they could die or may not be able to use parts of their bodies for the rest of their lives.

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