The Little Book of Parenting

The Little Book of Parentingis a widely acclaimed, concise, easy-to-read publication that provides practical, hands-on advice regarding the physical and emotional stages of child development and a wide range of parenting topics from birth through adolescence. It is distributed to hospitals, schools, parenting programs, daycare centers, health departments and cooperative extension service programs throughout the country.

Parenting is the first and most important variable impacting the health and safety of a young child. Our book is unique in that it addresses a wide variety of important issues parents face in raising children from the infant to teen years. Importantly, it is easy to read and appeals to culturally diverse users. The Little Book of Parenting is a response to the challenge of reducing child neglect and abuse by helping to educate parents regarding good parenting skills and child development information.

This 28-page book, which is one of our most popular resources, provides hands-on practical advice regarding the physical and emotional stages of child development for infants through teens. It offers guidance on how to discipline positively, and where to get help when parents feel they can't do it alone. In addition, it covers such important topics as nutrition, immunizations, poisoning and daycare. It is used by hospitals and parenting programs nationwide. A brief review of the various comments made by users throughout the country will underscore just how important educators and case workers think this book is in helping them to do their important work with new parents, including those with limited educational backgrounds and financial resources.

The Little Book of Parenting is full of valuable advice for parents, such as:

  • Feeding options
  • Selecting baby sitters and daycare
  • Positive discipline
  • Kids and TV
  • Special education
  • Single parenting
  • Step parenting
  • Where to turn when you get overwhelmed or need a hand

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"Our job is to visit every new mother in our county shortly after birth and supply them with as much information as possible to help them give their baby a healthy start. Your little book covers everything in a very concise format. I really like the letters to Mom and Dad to start the book. You have included so much information in such a small, easy to read book. I would like to be able to take one of these to each home I visit."

Phyllis Taylor
Pratt County Health Department
Pratt, Kansas

"We...will distribute them in the Inpatient Pediatrics Parent Waiting Area and in the Pediatric Clinic. Our department will use the remaining 800 books for our Safe Babies Program. This program began in October 1996, and the objective is to ensure the continued safety of children born at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Prior to her discharge from the hospital, each new mother is given a Safe Babies kit, which has burn prevention materials. This book will be a great addition to the packet. We anticipate supplying 1,000 mothers with Safe Babies kits each year, so be assured that your book will be getting into the hands of many mothers!"

Gayle Johnson Adams
Director, Community Relations
Johns Hopkins Medical Center
Baltimore, Maryland

"Our community education program has been fortunate enough to receive complimentary copies of this very well written well-illustrated parenting booklet. We have subsequently kept a number of them here at our main campus to distribute to families, and sent the remaining copies out to 8 of our satellite locations in and around the D.C. metro area. Thanks to your generosity, hundreds of parents will receive this helpful information. We've received tremendous feedback on both the format and content of the booklet."

Joselyn C. Hulbert
Manager, Community Education
Children's National Medical Center
Washington, D.C.

"...The Little Book of Parenting has been a valuable asset to these programs. Many counties initially took one box, however my office is receiving many requests for more copies. Our original order of 150 boxes has now been reduced to one box remaining. Agents report the books are well written for a variety of parent audiences. They have been distributed to teen parents, parents of children in Head Start programs, parents who attend parenting classes, members of parent support groups, and parents with children in child care settings."

Lyn Horning
Penn State Better Kid Care Assistant Director
State College, Pennsylvania

(The Little Book of Parenting is)...very concise and not overwhelming when describing the development stages of a child; the separate letters to the mom and dad are especially good; all information is in line with what the Gerber Memorial Birth Center staff teaches regarding immunizations, child abuse and developmental stages so is easy to incorporate into our existing curriculum.

Sandy Siegel, Executive Director, Marketing & Fund Development
Gerber Memorial Health Services
Fremont, Michigan

"Not knowing what our programs' response would be, I signed up for only one box of books. This box was completely gone in less than a day. The book is being used in counseling, childcare, foster care and adoptions departments. Staff members also came by for a personal copy....Everyone loves this book and clearly, we need more copies!"

Suzanne K. Chambers, Director of Development
Family & Child Services of Washington, D.C.

"The Little Book of Parenting is a very valuable tool for parents with all ages of children. It is simple but precise and is on a reading level that most parents can understand and pass on to their children. We...appreciate this wonderful book and the efforts of those involved in the assembly of this valuable information."

Sheila Roberts, Coordinator
Beaver Dam Elementary Family Resource Center
Beaver Dam, Kentucky

"The Extension Agents throughout North Carolina continue to request more copies of The Little Book of Parenting to share in educational sessions with new parents. This has been a wonderful resource and a huge success!"

Karen DeBord, Child Development Specialist
NC State University
Cooperative Extension Service
Raleigh, North Carolina

"The Little Book of Parenting is absolutely wonderful!...the information you've included in your booklet is exactly what parents are looking for. Having worked with parents and children, I feel the issues you've chosen to highlight and the way you've done it has made this a booklet of invaluable resource. As a children's librarian, I salute you!

Lisa Crosby, Children's Librarian
Ellsworth Public Library
Ellsworth, Maine

"I have already given away nearly all of them! ...(we) will be using them in county/area wid baby showers, parenting programs, distributing them at exhibits to parents and professionals, giving them to local health departments and family resource centers...Numerous people that I have sent these books to have commented that they are excellent resources...Others have commented that the books do a good job of just highlighting the "important stuff," which is important since parents are often too busy to take a lengthy parenting course or spend time reading lengthy books on parenting."

Kerri Goodman, Marriage & Family Therapist
University of Kentucky, Cooperative Extension Service
Lexington, Kentucky

"The Little Book of Parenting" is automatically placed in a New Obstetrical patient visit packet that is given on the initial visit. I have personally received positive comments from expecting mothers about this book. Thank you very much for all your efforts in helping to educate the public about important health issues."

Karen Brickellm RN, Nurse Educator
Sinai Community Care
Baltimore, Maryland

"We have found this book very helpful for our clients and staff. Our Home Visitors include this book in our initial packets for our parents. Parents have told our home visitors how wonderful and useful the information was for them. We are planning to include this book in every new client's packet from now on. Parents have commented it gives tangible, easy-to-read, and concrete things to do with their baby. One mom keeps the book right by her telephone to have emergency and other numbers close at hand."

Linda Guillemette, Home Visitor
Healthy Families Aroostook
Caribou, Maine

"We have nurses in this department as well as nutritionists that make very good use of these books. The RN's make home visits to mothers to be that also have other is neat to be able to take them into the homes to do teaching. We also make good use of them while teaching in clinics.

Sheila Healy, RN
Washington County Health Department
Bristol, Virginia

"We have used the resource book, The Little Book of Parenting, since the inception of the Parentmobile 11/2 years ago. In that time, we have had over 6,000 visitors aboard this mobile resource center for parents and families, and your book has been a steady 'hit' with our audience. ...Its user-friendly cover and many helpful topics draw in all of our visitors, and the reports from parents who have used the book have been universally positive."

Kathy Kelly, Parent Liaison
Baltimore County Public Schools
Baltimore, Maryland

"This book has been a wonderful resource for parents of all ages to refer back to...The book is wonderful because it covers all aspects from infant vaccinations, kids and poison, special education, and families and divorce. This is a wonderful book to look back at if there may be a question on almost any matter from infancy to being a teenager."

Bree Garrison
Parents as Teachers
Paris, Kentucky

"We plan to use the book as an incentive at our health fairs...The information and space for including local numbers and addresses is wonderful. Our families have many service providers to choose from, but having a booklet where they can list them will surely prove invaluable in an emergency or if contact information is misplaced. Babysitters or substitute caregivers will also find the information helpful as they supervise these children."

Julie Siebert, Mental Health Liaison
Project Success
Peoria, Illinois

"We have already received a huge outpouring of delight with the book - both the quality and quantities available - from the family support community of the Washington area...We feel especially grateful that your organization understands that the best "emergency medicine" is prevention and has the foresight to provide a resource for parents that is preventive medicine in the very best sense of the expression."

Marsha Sprinkle, Director
Catholic Charities Parenting Program
Washington, D.C.

"We love it because it has helpful information and is condensed in one small booklet; easily read and comprehensible to our clients; and has anything a person needs to know about parenting and also spaces for documentation of names, addresses and phone numbers for different areas of parenting. This is just an all-round booklet which seems to fit in with our clients' needs."

Mary Brooks
Shawnee County Health Agency
Topeka, Kansas

"I feel that the book is a marvelous compilation of material that provides very informative and positive guidance to new parents in an easy-to-read format. I am planning to hand it out whenever I present poison prevention programs to groups..."

Melissa Melum, R.N.
Health Educator
University of Maryland
School of Pharmacy

"Specifically, I would like to sing the praises of (NEMA"s) distribution of The Little Book of Parenting. The Center...has distributed this resource to numerous organizations across the state of Kentucky and at various educational conferences and workshops. In particular, we have received positive response from our distribution...The book's information is presented in an easy-to-read format with clear graphics and organization. To add to clarity and overall comprehension, the book is separated according to developmental stages across a child's formative years in the home. Undoubtedly, we have found that the information is perceived by parents and school personnel as being relevant and useful for both parents/caregivers and educators alike."

Doris D. Settles
Kentucy Center for School Safety
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky

"On behalf of the parents and children who are clients of the Children's Primary Care Clinic, I would like to thank you (for The Little Book of Parenting)...I can certainly understand why they are in great demand. It is also our mission to educate children and adults about issues you include in this booklet. We appreciate the opportunity to provide our clients with a take-home booklet that contains so much valuable information."

Ruth Oliverson, ARNP
Witchita-Sedgwick County Dept. of Community Health
Witchita, Kansas

(The Little Book of Parenting)" easy to read and chocked full of information. It has a logical flow and is not overwhelming. The information included within the pages of the booklet are of value to everyone, parents, child care provider and others working in the field of social services."

Ramona Way
Project Coordinator - REACH
Family & Children Services of Delaware, Inc.
Wilmington, Delaware

"You have packed a lot of terrific advice into a very readable format...The Little Book of Parenting is a terrific resource for good parenting. Thank you for sharing such a winner!"

Corinne Perkins, Counselor Specialist
Price George's County Public Schools
Upper Marlboro, Maryland