You can play a vital role in guiding teens through times when suicide may seem like the only solution to life's challenges.

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A video-based program to foster the development of coping skills

Choices, the latest in our series of video-based educational resources, was produced in response to teachers' and counselors' requests for a tool to assist them in helping teens cope with some of the common problems they experience in the middle and high school years.

This dynamic program stresses practical techniques that kids can apply when facing tough situations at school and at home. It offers a means for students to develop effective coping techniques to turn negative situations into positive experiences. This 25-minute video portrays six open-ended situations encountered by various teenagers. These include parental and self-imposed pressure for good grades, rejection in romance, bullying, death of a loved one, peer rejection, and facing new and difficult situations such as moving to a new area.

Choices can be tailored to fit into a single class session or multiple sessions. At the end of the scenarios, you have the opportunity to turn off the video and lead a lively discussion based on questions listed in the resource guide. Background information and leader's notes will give you additional facts on the topic areas presented in each scene. Ideas for curriculum integration and skills reinforcement in Social Studies, Language Arts, Health Education, and Math are included. The package also contains student handouts to photocopy, which feature practical tips and exercises to help students make positive and productive choices.

Whether you're a teacher or guidance counselor, peer or youth group advisor, religious or community leader, law enforcement officer or health professional, the program has an easy-to-follow format, and requires minimal preparation time. The Choices program will enable you to get young people thinking and talking about the pressing issues they face.

Program Objectives

After viewing the Choices video, participating in the class discussions and activity sessions, and completing their handouts, students will be able to:

  • identify external and internal pressures to get good grades and list techniques to enhance their school performance.
  • list positive steps to take when rejected by their peers and in their relationships.
  • state alternatives to reacting violently when in situations with bullies.
  • recognize effective coping techniques when a loved one dies
  • understand the positive aspects of being in new situations.

Emergency Information Card

In the event of emergency, it is important to have this card on your person or in your vehicle at all times for easy access. Keep the card in plain view for any emergency personnel to use. The card allows you to record: an emergency contact person, medical conditions, daily medicine requirements, medicine allergies, and other pertinent information.