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607(5).txt Changing breast cancer risk
607(4).txt Dietary fat & cancer risk
606(3).txt (reprise of 587(2) Keep track of moles
606(2).txt (reprise of 587(1) Moles and Melanoma risk
598(2).txt Cancer cells fight cancer 
597(5).txt Using cancer against cancer
Green tea vs. cancer  
Race for the Cure (cancer)
593(1).txt Komen Breast Cancer Foundation development
589(3).txt Dietary fat &cancer risk
587(2).txt Keep track of moles
587(1).txt Moles and Melanoma risk
579(1).txt Green tea/Cancer I


608(5).txt Car seats 1 (We’re not buckling up our kids)
608(4).txt Immunizing adolescents against hepatitis B
605(5).txt Toy safety tips
605(1).txt Choosing safe toys
604(5).txt Watching TV with kids
604(4).txt Kids & too much T.V.
599(5).txt Lead poisoning in kids 
599(4).txt Kids and home based toxins  
  Halloween Tips (three parts)
596(1).txt  Preventing stroke in sickle cell kids 
591(2).txt Babyspeak study
591(1).txt Importance of Baby Speak
590(5).txt Immunizing adolescents against Hepatitis
589(2).txt Car seats
589(1).txt Car seats (We're not buckling up our kids)
582(1).txt Teen Sex Survey
578(5).txt Circumcision Pain
575(5).txt Champion's of the Children's Miracle Network are the kids
575(4).txt The 1997 Children's Miracle Network program, May 31 to June 1
568(1-3).txt Pre Natal advice line, SIDS decline, Infant Mortality
563(5).txt A Parenting Van reaches out to a community
562(1).txt New views on Tourette Syndrome
557(2).txt Kids are Drinking more Coffee - Is that a Good Thing
556(5).txt Quitting the ICU for Baby's sake
556(1).txt Teen Fatal Auto Crashes are Down


597(4).txt Flu vaccine saves lives
597(3).txt Health care workers and flu vaccine
589(5).txt Nasal spray flu immunization
555(2).txt Is it just a Cold or Sinus Infection