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medications, pills, drugsMore than 40 million Americans are under or uninsured or have a financial medical hardship in their present health situation. If you are among these, or know someone who is, you will be interested in obtaining The Guide to Prescription Drug Assistance Programs, available through NEMA by InfoPRN, Inc.

Most people, including many doctors, are not aware that most of the major pharmaceutical companies have some type of program to offer prescription drugs free or at a reduced cost to those with financial hardships. They are also not aware that companies that offer no formal program often look at applications on a case by case basis.

The Guide to Prescription Drug Assistance Programs is a directory of programs that could make assistance with the high cost of prescription drugs accessible to those in need. Included in the book are programs from companies such as Bristol Myers, Merck, Upjohn and Eli Lilly to name a few. These companies have some common drugs prescribed for chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, AIDS, cancer, chronic joint disease and respiratory disease.

Programs vary. In some cases consumers will be able to request the medication by themselves by supplying the manufacturer with the proper information. In other instances, the physician (or in some cases, a social worker) will need to request the medication for the patient. The manufacturer must be called to determine what forms must be completed and the correct protocol.

This guide has essential information that could affect your life or the life of someone you know. To order your copy today, click here.

The Guide to Prescription Drug Assistance Programs (by InfoPRN, Inc.)

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