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You can play a vital role in guiding teens through times when suicide may seem like the only solution to life's challenges. The ACT! program aims to provide solid information to encourage young people who are at risk or who have friends at risk to seek help. This 23-minute video program can be tailored to fit into a single class or multiple sessions. At various points in the video, you have the opportunity to turn off the tape and lead a lively classrooom discussion based on what your students have just seen. The included teacher's resource guide offers discussion topics, background information, and ideas for integrating and reinforcing suicide prevention concepts in health education, language arts, social studies, and math. The package also contains student handouts to photocopy which feature practical tips and exercises to develop awareness and motivate action.


How To Obtain A Copy For Your School


If you are a teacher or counselor, to find out how you can obtain a copy of this video-based program for your school, please contact us:





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