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The Champion in All of Us

The Champion in All of Us is an educational comic book with a rich and compelling story. Designed for 3rd and 4th grade students, it is a reading program with character building content. It addresses such issues as resisting peer pressure, coping with teasing, the roles practice and cooperation have on success, and how being unique can be an asset in life.

The story follows a group of friends preparing for a Field Day competition against other schools. They learn how to work together, make up their own minds, and respect others, even when they disagree. They find out that when people respect each other's differences and work together, everybody wins!

Although the comic book can stand on its own, it is accompanied by a substantial teacher's guide, which contains eleven lessons. Three of these are mainly content oriented, five are mainly reading oriented, and three incorporate both.

Educators report that the book is an excellent resource for teachers and/or counselors dealing with issues such as friendship, bullying, teamwork, and cultural diversity.

Numerous classes have used this story in creative ways. For example, some have turned it into a classroom play. This is a particularly effective for students who respond better to non-traditional approaches to learning.

"A Champion is someone who is the best at what they do. Since we are all different, we each have a chance to be a champion in our own lives. When we make our own choices and respect others who are different, we free the champion in all of us!"

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