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Fitting In
A Video-Based Program About Peer Relationships and Peer Influences

Our Fitting In educational video follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, In A Flash. This fresh new educational video on peer pressure was developed in response to teachers' and counselors' requests for a tool to help youth explore issues related to the pressures they feel everyday to "fit in" and find acceptance.

The message of this appealing new video program, geared toward middle school-aged students, is that you can be part of a group without losing parts of yourself-you don't need to resort to drinking, using drugs, smoking, harmful dieting, stealing, purposely failing, or belittling others to fit in or feel good. It is accompanied by a twenty-four page resource guide that provides:

  • Background information and leader's notes that offer additional facts.
  • Questions that help stimulate group discussion with students.
  • Suggestions for integrating the program into several curricular areas.
  • Classroom activities and handouts to complete and/or take home.

The Fitting In video is the core of the peer pressure program. The story centers on Mike, a likable and social teenager who sets out to discover how kids can fit in without giving in to risky behaviors. We follow Mike through the school day as he encounters tough situations young people in America confront frequently.

Throughout the video, open-ended scenarios are presented to serve as springboards for group discussion. The facilitator is encouraged to stop the tape after each scenario to lead program participants through discussions based on questions listed in the resource guide. The facilitator may opt to offer three supplemental, "Take It Further" sessions on "Positive Peer Pressure, Feeling Peer Pressure, and Making Decisions."

Program Objectives:

After viewing the Fitting In video, participating in class discussion sessions, and completing the three supplemental activities, students will be able to:

  • identify the aspects of peer pressure to which they may be susceptible.
  • understand the risks and consequences involved in decision-making to help them develop better problem-solving skills.
  • list steps to take when rejected by a group.
  • recognize the positive aspects of peer pressure.
  • understand the legal, social, and moral implications of breaking the law.
  • list alternatives to giving up values to fit into a group.


How To Obtain A Copy For Your School


If you are a teacher or counselor, to find out how you can obtain a copy of this video-based program for your school, please contact us:



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