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The Little Book of Parenting is a widely acclaimed, concise, easy-to-read publication that provides practical, hands-on advice regarding the physical and emotional stages of child development and a wide range of parenting topics from birth through adolescence. It is distributed to hospitals, schools, parenting programs, daycare centers, health departments and cooperative extension service programs throughout the country.

Parenting is the first and most important variable impacting the health and safety of a young child. Our book is unique in that it addresses a wide variety of important issues parents face in raising children from the infant to teen years. Importantly, it is easy to read and appeals to culturally diverse users. The Little Book of Parenting is a response to the challenge of reducing child neglect and abuse by helping to educate parents regarding good parenting skills and child development information.

This 28-page book, which is one of our most popular resources, provides hands-on practical advice regarding the physical and emotional stages of child development for infants through teens. It offers guidance on how to discipline positively, and where to get help when parents feel they can't do it alone. In addition, it covers such important topics as nutrition, immunizations, poisoning and daycare. It is used by hospitals and parenting programs nationwide. A brief review of the various comments made by users throughout the country will underscore just how important educators and case workers think this book is in helping them to do their important work with new parents, including those with limited educational backgrounds and financial resources.

The Little Book of Parenting is full of valuable advice for parents, such as:

  • Feeding options
  • Selecting baby sitters and daycare
  • Positive discipline
  • Kids and TV
  • Special education
  • Single parenting
  • Step parenting
  • Where to turn when you get overwhelmed or need a hand


Please sample the valuable information contained in the section from the book on Kids and Poison.

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