“We appreciate your making these free materials available to us. It enables us to use them as a tool to help teach our students skills that they need in their adolescent years. The video also gives them information they will be able to utilize in the future as young adults and parents. Our hope is that programs such as your video will enable an individual to seek appropriate help for themselves or for their friends rather than thinking that ending their life will be the solution to their problems.”

Sally Cramer, Middle School Counselor
Akron Central School District
Akron NY
December, 2003

“The entire video is very good, but I especially liked the segment about the father and son. Students often feel their parents do not care, and the video showed a father who cared very much but could not convey that concern to his son.”

Carol Brusch, Counselor
Carlin Combined Schools
Carlin, NV
December 2003

“A few years ago we had the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program come to our school to inform students of the signs and symptoms of suicide as well as what to do if you or a friend is suicidal. The suicide prevention video is a perfect follow-up to use to remind students of the Yellow Ribbon Program in our school.”

Jody Lepp, Counselor
Mountain Lake Public School
Mountain Lake, MN
January, 2004

“I received your video “Suicide Prevention” and was impressed with the way the students were able to share this important message. Typically our budget doesn’t allow for many quality videos and because of your generosity we have a video that will be worth sharing with our students. Suicide is a hard subject to discuss and this video does it very nicely.”

Brenda Kelly, School Social Worker
Fairmont Junior-Senior High School
Fairmont, MN 56031

“I received our school copy of the ACT! Suicide Prevention video and support materials today. After previewing the handouts and guidebook, I watched the video with some of our counseling aides in the office. The video was compelling. The students who watched it expressed surprise at the statistics and compassion for the teens portrayed on film.”

Brenda Kazen, Counselor
Rincon High School
Tucson, AZ
December 2003