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Welcome to our newly refurbished website!

e hope that you like our new look and the features we have added -- and we're not finished! Soon there will be even more very timely health-related information that will be updated on an ongoing basis. There will be new features that allow you to obtain information and opinions from top experts in the field of health. Additionally, there will be more publications and products that you can order online, with assurance as to security, confidentiality, and quality. Also, there will be links to other great sites.


The National Alzheimer's Council is the newest of NEMA's special programs. To learn more, click here.

The National Heart Council announces Straight from the Heart - a short but powerful educational video-based program to help avoid heart attack and assist in the recovery from one (with appeal across races and genders). To learn more, click here.

Being George: As we approach the new millennium, we'll hear many voices trying to put the 20th century into perspective. Newspapers and magazines, radio and TV, politicians and clerics will talk about the wars, the advancements, inventions and trends. Who we were, who we have become, and who we can be. What was it like to live through a large part of the 1900's to see and feel the incredible health discoveries and lifestyle changes? Who better to tell us than our elderly citizens. Click here to read their stories.

The Heart of the Matter has its own new and upgraded site ( that can also be accessed from NEMA's site. Download Real Audio and listen to a wide variety of timely health-related programs. Also, while at The Heart of the Matter, be sure to visit "Healthy Bytes" which contains some important information on blood pressure and heart rate which is vital to your good health.

From "Healthy Bytes" be sure to visit The Agony of "Da Feet." Have your questions about foot pains and problems answered by Dr. Rob Reider.

Given the tragic and alarming shootings that took place in schools throughout the nation during the past year, we encourage you to check out our video and program, In A Flash, that addresses youth and guns. It was developed by NEMA in 1996 in an effort to prevent youth gun violence. Contact us to find out how you can get the program in your school or youth organization.

Many children are poisoned each year and parents often panic and are unprepared to respond quickly and effectively. This new addition to our Kids Do Matter page addresses what parents need to know about kids and poison.

Now available: High quality Electronic Digital Blood Pressure and Pulse Monitors. These can be ordered securely via credit card and shipped directly to your home.

Also, The Guide to Prescription Drug Assistance Programs. This book is a directory of programs that offer prescription drugs for no cost or low cost to those financially in need.

Please explore our site and let us know what you think. Our thanks to the talented staff of DoubleClick'd Publications, who produced our new website and share our enthusiasm for our mission.

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